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3D TV Enters Global Markets

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The next generation of television would probably be the 3D TV. Electronics companies globally are one by one releasing their own brand of three-dimensional capable television sets to consumers.

One such example is Sony, who on Tuesday introduced 3D TV in India. The company, aside from providing the latest LED technology, has also secured exclusive tie-ups with some of the content providers like Youtube for 3D videos.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also introduced its line of 3DTVs at an event in New York on Tuesday. Moreover, they have announced that they were able to forge a partnership with DreamWorks Animations so Samsung could release 3D versions of their movies.

Also just recently, LG Electronics has also plans of releasing 3D LCD TVs in India via a partnership with Valuable Group, the leading media company in the market in the country. Valuable Group has recently acquired the global broadcasting license for the Indian Premier League, the country’s professional cricket league.

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