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A Couple of Drinks, Okay For Pregnant Women

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A recent study has found that pregnant women can safely have at most a couple of drinks in a week without affecting the health of their newborn.

According to the article published in Journal of Epidemiological and Community Health, it was found that children born to light drinkers showed no deficits in their socio-emotional and cognitive abilities.

Yvonne Kelly, an epidemiologist at the University College of London, says in a telephone interview that this was just an objective study and they certainly didn’t want any advocacy issues related to it.

However, she does emphasize that drinking during pregnancy can be detrimental for the health of the child and one should really control alcohol intake during this period.

In the US, the American Pregnancy Association states that there is no safe amount to drink during pregnancy, and the more an expectant mom drinks, the more she raises her baby’s chances of having problems.

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