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Amazon Kindle Promo Now $189, DX Down To $379

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Amazon has announced that a new version of its Kindle DX large screen e-reader will now be sold at a lower price of $379, down from $489.

The new version, which now has a graphite enclosure, will start shipping on July 7. Amazon says the improved screen offers 50 percent better contrast than the old one.

Competition among e-readers has gotten hotter since Apple introduced its iPad touchscreen tablet, which has the same size screen as the DX (9.7 inches).

Last month, Amazon slashed the price of its regular Kindle to $189 as Barnes & Noble cut the price of its competing Nook e-reader to as low as $149.

Amazon recently tweaked the Kindle to include integration with Twitter and Facebook, and also touts Kindle’s built-in PDF reader. The DX now has zoom capability, according to Amazon’s press release.

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