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Apple Event Highlights | Apple Announces New iPod Nano

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The Apple Rock and Roll event in San Francisco, California announced new upgrades, price cuts and improvements to the iPod and iTunes platform.

The biggest buzz perhaps comes from the iPod Nano, the smallest iPod that has a screen which now comes with a built-in video camera, a microphone, a pedometer, a 2.2-inch display and an FM radio tuner. It will costs $149 for an eight-gigabyte version or $179 for a 16 GB model.

Other Apple announcements highlights are:

A price cut for the iPod Touch which now costs $199, $30 less than the original. Meanwhile, the 32 GB version now has a tag price of $299 and a 64 GB model, $399.

New colors for the $79, 4 GB iPod Shuffle – silver, black, pink, blue and green. And there’s now a smaller, less expensive version, $59 for the 2 GB model, which is also available in multiple colors.

The Classic iPod now has a 160 GB hard drive for the existing $249 price. This gives it a 40 GB boost in storage.

Meanwhile, ITunes 9 cleans up its software design, giving more control and a new a way to organize applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Also, it now lets five computers on the same home network share music, video and other content – a change from the strict copy protection Apple had in the past.

Lastly, ITunes will now sell some digital albums packaged with digital photography, cover art, liner notes and other media. ITunes LP can now also include interviews and other video. This hopes that recording companies will get a boost on album sales.

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