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Asus Eee Reader To Be Released

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Computer maker Asus is getting ready to release an electronic reader that would resemble a traditional book. This is according to Jerry Shen, president of Asus, who reportedly confirmed this to a London’s Times newspaper.

Currently called the Asus Eee Reader, it’s predicted to be launched before the end of the year and will be sold in line with the Eee PC and Eee Box models.


Moreover, the Asus Eee Reader will have two versions – budget and premium. But both will have a dual-hinge feature which will allow it to open like a traditional book and close into tablet form.

According to the Times newspaper, the gadget would would let users view the text of their book on one screen and would be able to turn its pages by using the touch screen.

Meanwhile, the other could be used to browse a web page. One screen could also act as a virtual keypad, so it can also be used as a laptop. The Asus Eee-reader will be available in full color screen, and it may also feature speakers, a Webcam, and a mic for Skype.

No price for this yet, but reports are saying that this could cost around $160.

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