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Beware of the Facebook “Dislike” Button App

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Facebook users are now being warned against downloading the so-called “Dislike” button application into their accounts.

The reason is that this application is a hoax and its purpose is only to get your personal details through a survey that will be presented to the user once the app was allowed to run.

The Facebook “Dislike” button has become viral in the social network because there has been an apparent clamor from Facebook users to have one – for it is by nature that you will sometimes encounter status updates, videos and other posted media that you simply do not like.

Also, a “down” vote is a usual feature in other social media sites such as Digg, through the “Bury” button and Reddit.

If you are one of the people who installed this app, you can easily remove it by clicking “Account” at the top right part of your Facebook page and then choosing “Application Settings.” From there, you can delete the Dislike button app.

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