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Blekko: New Search Engine Launches | Blekko Review

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A new search engine enters the market and it’s called Blekko. We took it for a ride today and here’s what we have to say.

Our first impression of Blekko is that it’s a social networking search engine site. You may or may not opt to create an account, but you’ll probably miss some interesting features if you don’t.

The slogan of Blekko is “Slash the Web”. This is because they offer you the most personalized search engine results by using slashtags with your query.

Also, Blekko offers something that webmasters would love – SEO data of sites. Now, there’s another way to research and study your competitor sites – not to mention your own.

To fully appreciate what Blekko has to offer, we encourage you to watch the below:

Blekko Review:
It looks like Blekko is a carefully crafted search engine that has potential. Search results returned are relevant and the slashtag function works well with meticulous information search requirements.

The SEO features can be a goldmine for webmasters and will surely be used for getting quick and easy research data.

For now, it seems that Blekko has found a good strategy that will differentiate them from other popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

In summary, we still love Google, but Blekko is definitely something worth using. Go ahead and try it and discover a whole new web experience.

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