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Chris Bech: A Social Entrepreneur in the Philippines

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When Filipinos are going abroad to look for better pastures, there is Chris Bech and her Filipina wife Theresa Bech, who have been investing in Real Estate and Property Development in the Philippines for the past nine years.

A social entrepreneur, Chris Bech has done a lot of good for Northern Samar, Philippines. He has successfully invited more than 150 expats to build retirement and vacation homes in the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches and islands of the Philippines.

More than just building businesses, Chris Bech Philippines has become a brand of social entrepreneurship with several projects under his management.

He has initiated, assisted and supported several medical missions, dental missions, elderly food programs, education scholarship and many other socio-civic and livelihood projects for the people of Samar and Romblon.

Learn more about him and his many ventures at his official website: Chris Bech Philippines

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