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Chris Brown Bowtie on Larry King Live

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Chris Brown just finished an interview by Larry King Wednesday night. While the RnB music artist tries to repair his image, all the world could only see his Chris Brown’s bowtie.

It’s a baby blue bowtie worn over a sweater – which many are saying is a fashion mistake.


Is Chris Brown changing his image from RnB artist to preppy man? We don’t know.

Nevertheless, the Chris Brown bowtie on Larry King live is what netizens, specially in Twitter #chrisbrownsbowtie are talking about for now.

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2 Responses

  1. Nikki says:

    is it weird I see him in a total different light since everything that happened? you could ask my mom i was in complete and total LUST with him. now he just looks…super g-a-y with that bowtie.

  2. VengaGirls says:

    “all the world could only see his Chris Brown’s bowtie.”

    At most a few million in the US, if that.

    “which many are saying is a fashion mistake.”

    Who are these many? In any case, there you hate it: a gossiping rube straight out of the village.

    Nikki: You sound like a mentally retarded airhead.

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