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Coco Martin Hurts Eye In Tayong Dalawa Taping

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Coco Martin, the Philippine prince of independent films and cast of the television series Tayong Dalawa, was hurt while taping an action scene.

Coco, who plays the role of Ramon, was shooting a gun-fighting scene when the incident happened.


During the scene, Coco was firing a gun when smoke powder from the blank rounds hit his eyes. He fell onto the floor after smoke hit his eyes.

The set crew brought Coco Martin to the University of Santo Tomas Hospital where he was later discharged after his check-up.

His doctor advised him to rest for the meantime. Meanwhile, our insiders say that his vision is currently blurred but hopes he will fully recover it by tomorrow.

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  1. jerson says:

    i love you..coco….gud luck to ur career,,/

  2. buniknik says:

    coco….. cute ka talaga peks man…… be good always.. and we love you… super actor… we never admired a filipino actor this much…. my mom and dad and the clan in america watched you all the times…. honest, we just adore you…. keep up the good work…. just watching you makes our days complete.. mwwaahhhh

  3. analiza says:

    yumminess Coco!

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