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Dave Levey Wins Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 | Hell’s Kitchen 2009

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After an exciting season finale, the 2009 Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 winner is Dave Levey. He won tonight and earned for himself a Head Chef position under Executive Chef James Walt at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia.

This is the first time that the winner gets a job in a Canadian restaurant.


Dave Levey, 32, is an executive chef from San Diego, California. He won over Kevin Cottle, 35, an executive chef from Middletown, Connecticut who finished second place; And Ariel Contreras, 27, a sous chef from Los Angeles, California who bagged third place.

Hell’s Kitchen is an American reality-television cooking competition (based on a series of the same name, broadcast in the UK) broadcast on FOX. It is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

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