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EMT Earning More Today

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As reported by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Emergency Medical Technicians currently earns between $9.48 and $24.70 an hour, with the average hourly wage at $16.01.

This gives them a total annual EMT salary of $19,710 to $51,370 with an average salary of $33,300 per year. Also, EMTs earn more through overtime pay and yearly performance bonuses.

According to reports, the reason why many are looking for Emergency Medical Technician Jobs is because these figures have risen from the recent years and it seems that EMTs are earning more today than five years ago.

Higher salaries are usually offered in urban cities where medical emergencies are highest but for those who likes less stress, then a life in the suburban and rural areas is the best choice.

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Category: Human Interest, Lifestyle


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