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EO 821 Cheaper Medicines Law Philippines

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Manila, Philippines. President Arroyo signed Executive Order 821 last July 28 passing EO 821 or the Cheaper Medicines Law for the country.

Today, Robert Louie P. So of the Department of Health (DoH) says that the Palace is not changing it deadline for implementation. August 15 is the compliance date for retailers with automated systems, and September 15 for smaller establishments with manual systems.


What are the medicines included in the EO 821 Cheaper Medicine Law for the Philippines?

Out of the 22 that was originally recommended by the Department of Health (DOH), only 5 essential medicines were approved:

  • anti-hypertensive amlodipine (including its S-isomer and all salt form)
  • anti-cholesterol atorvastatin
  • antibiotic/antibacterial azithromycin (and all its salt form)
  • anti-neoplastics/anti-cancer cytarabine (and all its salt form)
  • anti-neoplastics/anti-cancer doxorubicin (and all its salt form)

In a case study of generic cholesterol medicines, prices of branded and generics can differ by up to 70%. This law hopes that the difference will be much less and make medicines more affordable.

People from the Philippines hope that more medicines are added to this list in the near future.

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