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Facebook Lite Gets Positive Reactions From Users

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Social networking giant, Facebook, recently launched an alternate front door for the social network called Facebook Lite. This is a much simpler version of the website, targeted towards users with slow internet connections.

The news feed only includes a simple top toolbar and buttons for posting status updates and media uploads. You can try Facebook Lite at


A few days after its launch, many users are giving it positive reviews. The removal of third-party applications and the inclusion of only a handful of Facebook’s own applications made using the social network less complicated.

Those who are only there to take a quick look or is not really into apps but more into “socializing” finds the lite version more friendly. However, Facebook app developers seem to be not too happy about this.

When users fully transfer to Facebook Lite as their preferred platform, they could potentially lose the big income they’ve been enjoying since.

The question now is which is more important for Facebook – the users or the app developers. We’ll see.

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