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Facebook: News Feed and Live Feed

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Facebook recently rolled out a new home page for users. The move has once again changed the information that people will see by default when you visit the home page.

The major change is basically the choice given to either view the Facebook homepage as the News Feed or the Live Feed.


Now, the ‘Highlights’ are merged into the News Feed. This is where Facebook chooses the posts and updates that seem like they would be most interesting to you. It also adds back in items like notifications when friends are tagged in photos, or when friends follow fan pages or join new Facebook groups, add other friends, or RSVP to events.

Meanwhile, the Live Feed is literally the live feed of all status updates from your entire network of friends on Facebook. While you are viewing the News Feed, a bubble next to the Live Feed link keeps a running count of the number of new updates in the Live Feed.

You can also customize what shows up in the Live Feed by clicking on Edit Options at the bottom of the Live Feed page. The removal of the Highlights section from the right panel also mean that the Events box will shift up where things like friends’ birthdays will be more visible.

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Category: Internet, Pop Culture, Technology


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