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Five Easy Steps To Remove Google Background

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Part of the changes that Google is doing lately is offering new backgrounds to its search homepage. However, many are not happy with it and wants to turn off and remove Google background and back to the plain white background.

There is no easy way to do this, no one click return to the original white background, but we now give you a workaround below with five easy steps.

How To Remove Google Background

  1. Click on “Change background image” at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Google will then take you to a sign in page. You must sign in with a Gmail account in order to change the Google background.
  3. You can now change the Google background by choosing from a public gallery or one of your own.
  4. Choose your own photo and upload a plain white desktop wallpaper photo.
  5. Now as long as you are logged-in, you will then use the plain white background you uploaded.

Of course this is just a work around, a temporary solution. I’m sure Google is listening to user feedback and will soon give us a one click function that will change the search engine homepage to the original plain white.

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Category: Human Interest, Internet


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