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GATE 2010 Answer Key, Solved Papers, Solutions and Results

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GATE 2010 or this year’s Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering exam was successfully conducted today and students are now eagerly awaiting the GATE 2010 results.

Meanwhile, they are now checking the GATE 2010 answer key and GATE 2010 solved papers to evaluate if they performed well in the exam.

The GATE exam result is used as the primary criteria for admissions in different Institutes of Technology in the country.

The GATE 2010 answer key and solved papers will be available in a few days. The GateForum website here and IES Made Easy here have announced that they will release the answered papers as soon as possible.

GATE 2010 results will be here. GATE 2010 score is valid for TWO YEARS from the date of announcement of the GATE 2010 results.

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396 Responses

  1. Malik Mudasar Nisar says:

    What will be AIR & percentile at 55 marks in civil engineering. Send me on my mail. It is urgent.

  2. amit says:

    plz send me the answer of EC code

  3. Mishal Shah says:

    plz send me GATE-2010 AR answer key

  4. Anjana singh says:

    plz send me GATE 2010 BT answer key

  5. Kanika says:

    Plz.send me the answer key of GATE 2010 biotechnology paper.

  6. shruthakirthi says:

    Plz. send me the key answer of GATE 2010 XL Paper.

  7. satish says:

    i got 33 marks in eee gate 2010….how to know where i can get the seat…wat wud b my %le

  8. vinod kumar says:

    sir,please send me the answer key of GATE 2010 EC Paper

  9. Anju says:

    plz send me the answer key of GATE2010 CS paper

  10. Srinivasan says:

    I have scored 25 marks in Production and Industrial Engineering.
    In which IIT I will be getting offer? Please help me out of this.

  11. praful says:

    Plz. send me the answer key of GATE 2010 EE Paper..

  12. Pradyumna Roy says:

    I think I will get 35 in GATE 2010 in EE.Pls send me what will be my approx rank & %ile???????????

  13. MOHD BILAL says:


  14. anju says:

    got 21 marks in ee gate 2010…wat wud b my %le

  15. anju says:

    i score 21 marks in EE gate 2010…wat wud b my %le

  16. sumit says:

    plz send me GATE 2010 BT answer key

  17. Uma says:

    Pl send me answer key of GATE XL 2010 paper

  18. meenakshi says:

    plss send me the answer key of biotechnology..GATE2010

  19. SANTOSH says:

    plz.send answers for ME trade.

  20. Naveen Khatri says:

    send me gate solution of xe branch plzz

  21. abhishek nandan says:

    pls send me d name of book for biotechnolgy(gate)

  22. ssssssss says:

    pls send me answers of ec code

  23. pushkaraj says:

    pls send me gate2010 solutions

  24. Nikeeta says:

    Please send me the answer key of GATE question paper 2010

  25. deepak jain says:

    plz send me ec answer key

  26. rohit says:

    i m scoring 26 marks , which colg shud i apply…vl i qalify

  27. honey says:

    plz send me ce answer key

  28. sssss says:

    possibly i will get 27 marks in EE. Can i qualify and from which rank

  29. deepti says:

    plz send me GATE-2010 AR answer key

  30. kamini says:

    plz send me the ans. key of gate 2010…………..

  31. priya says:

    plz send me BT and cy answer key

  32. Thulla says:

    Sir plz send me EC key

  33. Surendra says:

    Sir plz send EC answer key

  34. MITHUN BEKAL says:

    hey,my gate 2010 score is 89. which colleges should i be applying?

  35. vipan kumar says:

    i have scored 20.67 marks in gate2010 in SC category what will be my percentile

  36. Mehul says:

    I got 36.33 marks with 3093 AIR in CS. please tell me in which college i can get admission????

  37. kaushik says:

    i got 11.67 marks and my rank is 17,500 in Me gate 2010…. can i get seat…wat wud b my %le.Plz reply

  38. vinay says:

    im scoring 27 marks in cs paper .ver i vil get seat

  39. Shayri says:

    please send me XE answer key

  40. surendra says:

    sir i got 31.33 in ec so which colleges i have

  41. ruchika jain says:

    1 have scored 14.86 which college shud i apply and pls send me ans key of electronic branch

  42. krity says:

    plz send me the answer key to Xl lifesciences paper

  43. sanyogita says:

    plz send answer key of GG code gate 2010

  44. vicky says:

    i score 35 in gate ec. Wht would my%le rank

  45. please send gate key paper

  46. Arghya says:

    i m scoring 28.33 marks , which colg shud i apply.

  47. Steffi says:

    i ve scored 25.67 out of 100 in CS branch for gate 2010 n my percentile is 90.26…which college will i possibly get?

  48. Jenish says:

    hi..I appeared for GATE 2010 in Physics.
    I got 11.33 marks & my gate score is 94.
    I want to know about my %ile score.
    Could u please hel me.

  49. Ramesh says:

    i scored 12 marks , got 16480 rank, with a score of 232. have SC reservation. is there any chance for me to do masters ?

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