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Great Workout with Drums Alive

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Gyms are now coming up with a new type of fitness routine that incorporates music to a new level. The exercise is called, Drums Alive.

This new fitness routine uses a core stability ball as drums which you hit with a pair of drumsticks. Participants drum on the ball while performing aerobics-style choreographed routines to upbeat music.

The new exercise was devised by Carrie Ekin, a fitness instructor who came up with the idea while out of action due to injury.

Unable to carry out her usual workout, she put together drumming sequences that could be performed while sitting down. As she recovered enough to stand, she developed the activity until it finally incorporated a full range of movement.

It’s fun and after a while, you feel that you are already an expert in playing Agazarian Drums. Drums Alive found popularity in the US and Japan before making its way to Britain early this year.

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