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Gum Wrapper Prom Dress Pride of Iowa Teen

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Would you believe the news that a teenage girl from Iowa made a prom dress out of gum wrappers? You should because this news is true.

A high school junior, Elizabeth Rasmuson, thought that a gum wrapper prom dress will be cheaper to make than to actually buy a dress. And so she did.

The prom is next weekend and Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jordan will be wearing matching gum wrapper clothes. She will wear the now famous gum wrapper prom dress, and him a matching vest.

Elizabeth’s gum wrapper prom dress is said to be made of 5 Gum by Wrigley and she probably spent only around 100 dollars to build her gum wrapper prom dress.

And no, Elizabeth didn’t chew all the gum. She gave it to friends after they promised to give her the wrappers and made a gum wrapper chain as the basic structure of the gum wrapper prom dress.

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  1. harhar says:

    bro, this sucks! but why did you get a close up pic of her boobs?

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