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I Can Do Bad All By Myself Tyler Perry Soundtrack

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I Can Do Bad All By Myself of Tyler Perry has recently been remade into a film adaptation of the same title. And as all musical plays go, searches for its OST or official music soundtrack makes a new high.

This movie centers on Tyler Perry’s well-known character Mabel “Madea” Simmons but is about April, a nightclub singer who is torn between her old ways of carefree struggles and an effort to change for a brighter life and love.


No official news yet on the I Can Do Bad All By Myself movie soundtrack but here is the music song listing of the play, which is available as a record in your favorite music bars.

Musical Numbers

  • A Motherless Child – Keisha Griffen
  • Old time mix – Mr. Brown, Vianne Griffin, Maylee Griffin, and Cora Simmons Brown
  • Help Me Lord – Vianne Griffin
  • Let Me Hold You – Bobby
  • Get Out of Here (In the Name of Jesus) – Cora Simmons
  • It’s Gonna Be Hallelujah – Cora Brown
  • God is the Answer – Cora Simmons Brown, Maylee Griffin, Bobby Mitchell, Vianne Griffin, and Keesha Griffin

Original Musical Numbers

  • I Can Do Bad All By Myself – Vianne and Maylee (overture)
  • Old Time Mix – Mr. Brown, Vianne, Maylee, and Cora
  • Help Me Lord – Vianne
  • Let Me Hold You – Bobby
  • In the Name of Jesus – Cora
  • It’s Gonna Be Hallelujah – Cora
  • Bye Baby – Maylee
  • God is the Answer – Cora, Maylee, Bobby, and Vianne

I Can Do Bad All By Myself Music Video by Mary J. Blige:

I Can Do Bad All By Myself opens in cinemas September 11 by Maple Pictures.

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  1. Donnika says:

    I wonted to know where i can purchase the soundtrack to the movie I can do bad all by myself.

  2. Shakita says:

    I as well would like to know where can I purchase the soundtrack to Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself?

  3. florine Woodhouse says:

    waiting for an answer where can the sound track be purchase. it should not take this long to answer a question.

  4. Virginia Williams says:

    I am trying to download the song from the play “I Can Do Bad All by Myself” God is the Answer, No matter what you’re going through. Someone please tell me where I can get it downloaded to my phone at or at least the website to where I can find it. I need it for our talent night at my church to do a praise dance by.

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