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IP Addresses Soon To Run Out

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What does it mean that IP addresses are about to run out? Does it mean that there will be no more new websites coming? Well, definitely not. But the old system of assigning IP addresses is about to run dry and the new system, called IPv6 will be rolling out soon enough.

The old system, called IPv4, could only allow 4.3 billion addresses. It’s the typical system you know if you’re a bit tech savvy. These are those type of sequence numbers you see in your network.

And as more and more mobile gadgets become internet capable, so did the number of IPv4 addresses become depleted. But you don’t have to worry, with the new IPv6 system, we now have more than enough to last for the next few decades (it’s more than 340 trillion.)

However, the two systems are not compatible with each other so service providers and network operators would need to upgrade their systems to make the new websites under IPv6 accessible. And that’s where the problem really is.

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