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J.R. Celski Tattoo Shows Filipino Pride

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J.R. Celski is a resident of Salt Lake City. This is where the US speedskating programs moved last year from Colorado Springs. But his roots are from the Philippines, just look at the huge JR Celski tatoo photo he has below.

Interestingly, Celski suffered a nasty gash from his own skate at the U.S. Olympic Trials. It left a major scar on his thigh. Maybe that’s a good place to put another Pinoy pride tattoo. And also, congratulations J.R. Celski on winning the 1500m Short-Track Bronze Medal in Vancouver.

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Category: Human Interest, Philippines, Sports

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10 Responses

  1. tom says:

    Phillippino pride with Polish eagle inside – nice !!!

  2. f says:

    don’t forget, there’s a polish eagle in his tattoo, too.

  3. Haleiwa Holly says:

    Hottie Boom-a-lottie!!

  4. Mick Wolf says:

    The tatto doesn’t solely indicate Philipines roots. The eagle in the middle is Polish national emblem. The eight-rayed sun that surronds it for Philippines.

  5. polish chick says:

    I am a bit upset that nothing is mentioned about the Polish eagle. He is half Polish!

  6. Zodiak says:

    Polish White Eagle shows Filipino pride??? Nonsense!

  7. rosemarie says:

    proud of you JR! it made me so proud to see our Philippine flag on an olympian! Good job!

  8. sikatckat says:

    JR’s father is Polish American and his mother is Filipina-American. It’s cool he was able to integrate both his Polish and Filipino roots.

  9. peewee says:

    its funny how alota people whine on website posts that did not mention anything about the polish eagle hehe

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