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July 2009 Colorado Bar Exam Results

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Colorado has announced the results of the July 2009 Bar Exam. Approximately 80% of exam takers passed. 74% of first time takers passed the exam, while only 38% of repeat takers passed.

To know the July 2009 Colorado Bar Exam Results, see the link to the Colorado Supreme Court website below after the jump.


The July 2009 Colorado Bar Exam Results is available as a PDF download at the Colorado Supreme Court website here.

Congratulations to all bar exam passers.

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2 Responses

  1. notamathematician says:

    Are you sure that the percentage of exam takers passing the July 2009 bar was 61%? The statistics at:

    show that there were 880 people taking the exam and 701 of those 880 passed, making it about 80% (or 79.6% to be more precise). How did you come up with the 61% number? Even if you meant to state all bar applicants instead of number taking the exam to get the 61%, it only goes down to 72.9%. Please advise.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for seeing the typo in our report. It’s now been corrected.

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