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Lakers vs Magic Games | NBA Finals 2009

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It’s the end of another basketball season. Watch Lakers vs Magic games and see who will be the champion for the NBA Finals 2009. You can watch Lakers vs Magic games live streaming online or in your local sports channel.

The 2009 NBA Finals live stream is between the Western Conference champion Los Angeles Lakers versus Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic. The North American broadcast is produced by ESPN and can be watch live on television in ABC in the US and TSN in Canada.


Currently, the Lakers lead the championship series over the Magic at 2-1.

Here are the schedule of the remaining games:
Lakers vs Magic Game 4 – June 11
Lakers vs Magic Game 5 – June 14
Magic vs Lakers Game 6 – June 16
Magic vs Lakers Game 7 – June 18

Lakers won Game 5 and is the NBA 2009 champions at 4-1. Congratulations!

More about Lakers vs Magic games here.

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  1. Laker Fan says:

    Thanks for the link. I will come back here for more live streaming.

    I hope the Lakers will win!

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