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LG Projector Phone Unveiled

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LG recently unveiled their newest mobile phone that will be hitting the market through AT&T. The LG eXpo is the LG phone with projector.

This LG Projector Phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 and has the S-Class interface overlayed on to it. How does this become a projector? Details and video demo review below.


The LG Projector phone reviews are quite positive. Many loved the unique feature where you can attach a small pico projector to the eXpo that allows a larger image of what’s on the screen to be projected on to the wall.

Other features of the phone are a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card slot for increasing storage as well as the usual Wi-Fi connectivity.

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60 Responses

  1. Tee So Pretty says:

    what if you drop the phone then what happens next!! alot of people drop their phone’s now a daysz…. people make up the dummest ideas now a daysz…. But ii liike thiis one… I kan watch moviies on the wall from my phone…. thats why ii have no TV iin my bedroom… LOLSZZZZ

  2. JIM says:


  3. Trevor says:

    Tee So Pretty

    Re:dropping the phone
    its called insurance(State Farm) $30 a year

    Re: your grammar
    its called education(School) $0 a year until you get to college, good luck!

  4. Jeffy Dulmer says:

    The Study of LOLogy…. LOLZZZZZZ hahahaha

    Good call Trevor.

  5. Kizzy says:

    this phone won’t be sold at at&t only through there premier website. this is being pushed as a business phone. you can still find it on other sites as well and it cost about $540…. i’m getting it!!!

  6. Issac says:

    Pushed as a business phone because the projector is business quality (read : poor); most suitable for on-the-fly display of slides and the like to a couple of people (talking with friends, decide you want to show something.. grab an office flip the lights and show.) the power is going to be low so going to show a relatively smallish display at a reasonable resolution. read: not good for videos.

    note this is all just speculation based upon my knowledge of projector equipment. I still think it’d be a neat gadget up until the moment it burnt out.

  7. Tstoner says:

    i just bought the new lg projector and it is awesome it works so good i have zero problems with it go out and buy it right now seriously it realy is truly a great fone……! :>

  8. Rich says:

    What happens when you have an incoming call in the middle of the presentation?

  9. JJC says:

    I guess I’m a little late finding out about this, but I think it’s awesome. It def. holds a place in our future. Being able to just pull out your phone at the office or a friend’s house and share your media (porn, mostly) on the wall with everyone is sooo cool!

  10. kevin says:

    I was just wondering if i can project and surf the internet.

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