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Mafia Wars Cheats, Strategy, Tips and Tricks

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Looking for Mafia Wars cheats, tips and tricks? Well, you’re not alone. Mafia Wars is the latest game online that is gaining much popularity.

The Mafia Wars game is currently available in Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo! The basic idea behind this game is simple – start a Mafia family and work your way until you rule New York City.


Playing this game is pretty hard at first because the player, if not guided by a game walk through, needs to guess what do to inside the game. However, a few tries and some dedication will eventually make the game interesting.

There are already scripts available online that can automate a few actions of the game. An example would be a script that automatically sends friend invites to players in the fight window.

Suite101 has given quite a handful of really helpful Mafia Wars cheats, tips and tricks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Always strive to grow the family. A good tip would be to reciprocate other players who joins your family. Mafia War players can actually be members of more than one mob.
  • The Boss should initially focus on growing wealth and taking care of the family. Family defense is very important and one should prioritize buying weapons and vehicles.
  • Increase the family wealth by buying properties with low investment costs and decent return rates during early levels. Then gradually moving up to high end properties.

Lastly, below is a YouTube video that our news team found on how to level fast and make money in Mafia Wars. The Mafia Wars cheat below features the game in MySpace:

Do you play Mafia Wars? Any game cheats, tips and tricks you know that you would like to share? Please share it by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

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4 Responses

  1. Ray Cassidy says:

    One of the best cheats I’ve found is this very comprehensive tutorial ebook. It rounds up all the most common short cuts and cheats like yours above, and then digs a little deeper under the surface to help you address the priorities you’ve identified in your article: ie growing the family, wealth and investments.
    I don’t spend a huge amount of time on the game myself, but I’ve found this a handy little bible to make up for missed time!

  2. Mr. O says:

    I notice a lot of mention of only being able to send an energy pack every 23 hours (maybe not on here, but I’ve seen it). I figured I would throw this out for all who don’t know…
    Mafia wars actually states, “Players can receive one Energy Pack every 23 hours”. That’s “Receive” 😀
    When you send an energy pack it sends to 1-4 people on average. You may send as many as you want. But each individual person may ‘receive’ one every 23 hours. So send many times a day to make sure everyone gets one!
    Hope this helps! 😀 Happy Gaming

  3. […] rank one of these days. Sorry for talking about Typing Maniac, I should talk about Mafia Wars Cheats. For me, browser-based flash games like these have no cheats. I’m not that sure, but based on […]

  4. Better Life says:

    I play this game for hours. So, got a cheat guide too – infact have all 3 🙂 They really help with the game thats for sure. Packed with stuff that has really changed my game.

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