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Miegakure Demo Video: The 4D Game Puzzle

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Miegakure is a platform game where you explore the fourth dimension to solve puzzles. There is no trick; the game is entirely designed and programmed in 4D.

Can’t believe it? Then watch the Miegakure Demo video below from YouTube. It’s amazing and a real brain teaser. Surely, those who will play this online will have lots of fun.

How does Miegakure get played? Well, because humans can only see and move along three spatial dimensions, pressing a button allows to “swap” one regular dimension with the fourth, invisible dimension.

The protagonist can use this ability to see inside closed objects, walk through walls, move objects from one dimension to another, hide under 3D shadows of 4D objects, and more.

Watch the Miegakure game video demo:

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4 Responses

  1. sazawal says:

    Dude, how can u say that it is moved to fourth dimension? An object moving to fourth dimension wont be visible in three dimensional space.Moving a thing to 4th dimensions is equivalent to making it disappear.

  2. owl-flavored says:

    A better phrasing would be “move it THROUGH the fourth dimension”. The fourth dimension is like up-down or north-south, not a location.

    And moving it through the fourth dimension would make it disappear for people who could only see in three dimensions.

  3. =b says:

    You aren’t technically seeing the fourth dimension. As the article says, you simply swap one dimension for the fourth one.

  4. DrNoze says:

    This game looks amazing! I’m happy to see that the indy scene is quite really good this times. Jonathan Blow said : “miegakure is the game of the year”.

    My review (in french) :


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