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Music As An Effective Form of Therapy

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An infant in the pediatric intensive care unit is soothed by lullabies sung in tempo with the rhythm of her breathing.

A toddler recovering from surgery marches to the beat of a drum in his room, encouraging him to walk, unknowingly promoting healing. A teen freestyles, expressing his battle with cancer as he transforms the unit into a recording studio.

Music therapy may appear simply as a thoughtful service used for entertainment in a clinical setting, but it’s actually an evidenced-based form of therapy.


As an established health profession, it creates a therapeutic relationship that addresses physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of patients and their families through music in a fun, interactive way.

Harnessing the power of music, highly trained, board certified music therapists used a concert ukulele at the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida systematically adapt a patient’s favorite songs to address specific medical goals that promote physical and emotional healing.

Research and evidenced-based practices support the effectiveness of music therapy to alleviate the pain and anxiety of patients in many ways.

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