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Who are the people behind Artuji?

Well, first of all, Artuji is a phonetic spelling of our logo – R2G. Which also stands for the initials of our names.

So who are we?

Red Ortega
The main man of Artuji. A journalism graduate who acts as this site’s editor-in-chief and approved content publisher. He’s not the big boss but more like the big brother who guides the whole Artuji news team.

Rizza Ortega
Quality content checker for Artuji. A marketing consultant by day, she spends her nights doing research to make sure that the news stories published here are original and factual. Once she approves a news story, that’s the time you’ll get to read it.

Gerard Reyes
Resident geek and communications manager. A computer science graduate and the one responsible for the technical support of the site. He also sorts all incoming email and sends them to the respective people and makes sure that our news site is always up.

Associate editors:

  • Allan Sembrano: Editor of the local newspaper, Manila Sports Daily. He is a technology and sports geek who likes investing in the stock market. He works closely with Rizza in checking the content quality of submitted news items.
  • Michelle Brino: Creative consultant for Manila Style magazine. Our fashion savant is our main source for the latest Hollywood gossips. Like Allan, she assists in checking the content quality of submitted news items. And she does yoga everyday.

Contributing writers:

  • Harold Perez: Gamer and gadget lover, he loves the outdoors nonetheless.
  • Iris Pecson: Miss Sunshine of the office, she bakes the best carrot cakes.
  • Zeny Manuel: Quiet, prim and proper, she has the most Facebook friends in the team.
  • Ronald Padillo: Never fails to watch The Big Bang Theory, wants to write a science textbook someday.

As you can see, we are a bunch of people from various walks of life. But together here in Artuji, we form a simple and happy family, dedicated to inform, entertain and inspire you everyday with our news stories.

Our Commitment: provide you, our readers with quality news articles that are original, useful and informative.

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