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New York Fashion Week

Design duo Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs met as fashion students and came together to form Cushnie et Ochs, an understated, elegant line.

So, with so much control and restraint in their aesthetic, do they ever let their hair down?

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Birthstones Coming To Fashion Again

A classic fashion statement truly never goes out of style. And for this one, it’s experiencing a rebirth as wearing jewelry adorned by your birthstone has been coming to trend once again.

Many online jewelry stores are showcasing a new set of jewelry and accessories that feature each of the twelve most popular birthstones.

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The Kardashian Beauties on Spray Tan

The famous Kardashian sisters are well know for their beauty but not so much for their natural looks – thanks to all the hair extensions and makeup which they always wear. But honestly, who in Hollywood doesn’t?

In any case, in a recent paparazzi encounter, Kim and Khloe was seen at the Los Angeles airport, Thursday and many took notice of the spray tan-induced burnt sienna color of their skin.

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