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Yamaha Introduces Aventage AV

Yamaha has introduced its flagship Aventage AV separate components today, coming in the form of an 11.2-channel preamp and an 11-channel power amp, designed to deliver thundering sound in a serious home theater setup.

Coming in August, the CX-A5000 AV preamp and MX-A5000 power amp have both been designed with a focus on the design and engineering that Yamaha says the Aventage brand is known for.

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Air Quality in Utah Now Being Measured

This week, a Utah company has rolled out a special equipment that will tell people how dirty their air is.

Mike Thayne, owner of Smith Crown, showed off his particle meter to different news organizations. Smith Crown sells air purifiers, a hot commodity during bad air days.

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Financial Planning 101

Just like cooking, financial planning is not just some casual game. It takes well researched techniques to come up with the perfect recipe for your financial plan. So we ask ourselves, what are the ingredients to the recipe of a successful financial plan?

The recipe to a successful financial plan involves 3 ingredients. First, take care of your liquidity needs. People often forget saving first for the rainy days. As a rule of thumb, your emergency fund should at least be three times (3x) worth of your monthly expenses if you are employed or about six times (6x) if you have your own business. Without considering this first, you run the risk of eroding your invested funds.

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