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Councilman Barry Set A Meeting with Filipino Nurses

After months of racist remarks, Ward 8 Councilman and former DC Mayor Marion Barry has agreed in a meeting with the Filipino nurses after the controversial issue on the racial discrimation towards Asian Americans and nurses.

“We’re trying to tell the people and the community that we’re here because we want to serve the community, we’re not here to take their jobs but because they need nurses. That’s why we’re here,” Marissa Usman, president of the Philippine Nurses Association of Metropolitan DC (PNAMDC) told the Manila Mail.

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Greek Election Gives Euro Currency Another Chance

The New Democratic party has just won the elections in Greece, probably averting a meltdown of the Euro currency.

Greek voters narrowly chose the pro-bailout party coalition, led by Antonis Samaras over Alexis Tsipras of the Syriza coaltion.

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Women Required To Wear Helmets in Delhi

It’s now officially a law. Women in Delhi should wear helmets. That’s the decision of the state government and the Delhi High Court.

So now, all women who are riding two-wheelers are required to adhere to road safety and wear helmet gear.

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