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Beyonce Is Having Twins

So, there’s a big buzz going on right now on Instagram and it’s all about Beyonce.

The Carter family is getting in formation to welcome a new member to its family. Beyonce revealed on Instagram she is pregnant.

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What Happened to Twitter #Music?

A little over a month ago, Twitter launched #Music, its take on what a truly social music discovery service might look like. It sounded loud, as loud as electro-voice speakers from musicians friend.

It was strategic, leveraging Twitter’s enormous user base and vast amount of data, and thanks to a well-timed acquisition, saw some of the best product design the company has ever produced.

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Burger Bash at Old Homestead Steakhouse

After almost two months, the Old Homestead Steakhouse has finally revealed this weekend their special Burger Bash which is part of their annual New York City Wine & Food Festival.

With help from chef Romeo Dibona, they’ve made and eaten more than 70 patties, testing buns, blends of the restaurant’s aged beef, various cheeses, homemade mayos and ketchups, and all kinds of pickles, slaws and other condiments. Now they’ve narrowed it down to three, and we got to sit in on their final tasting.

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