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Mars Rover Sends Back New Photos

NASA has just released to the public new photos taken from the Mars rover.

The new batch of colored images were taken by Curiosity, NASA’s new rover, last Tuesday, which shows Mars surface as a dusty desert.

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Life Forms in Antarctic Could Prove Alien Life

A Russian team recently broke through 12,365 feet of solid Antarctic ice last week and reached an ancient buried freshwater lake.

Now scientists saw parallels between Antarctica’s subterranean Lake Vostok and other suspected oceans beneath the ice-crusted moons of Jupiter and Saturn, which now made scientists suspect of possible life beyond Earth are eagerly following the Russian project.

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Physicist Study Says Time Travel is Impossible

In Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a group of physicists has recently conducted research on the speed of light and their conclusion is that, none can move faster than it.

This conclusion is significant because it also means that time travel is impossible.

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