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Yamaha Introduces Aventage AV

Yamaha has introduced its flagship Aventage AV separate components today, coming in the form of an 11.2-channel preamp and an 11-channel power amp, designed to deliver thundering sound in a serious home theater setup.

Coming in August, the CX-A5000 AV preamp and MX-A5000 power amp have both been designed with a focus on the design and engineering that Yamaha says the Aventage brand is known for.

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What Happened to Twitter #Music?

A little over a month ago, Twitter launched #Music, its take on what a truly social music discovery service might look like. It sounded loud, as loud as electro-voice speakers from musicians friend.

It was strategic, leveraging Twitter’s enormous user base and vast amount of data, and thanks to a well-timed acquisition, saw some of the best product design the company has ever produced.

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iHome iP76 GlowTune Wireless 4-Speaker Tower Stereo System Released

The iHome iP76 GlowTune Wireless 4-Speaker Tower Stereo System has just been rolled out into the market and initial reviews that are coming in say it’s a good product.

Many are liking its clear and loud sound, it’s Bluetooth connectivity features and the S-video out for TV audio streaming.

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