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Nexus One Problems With 3G Getting Customer Complaints

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There is a reported issue for the Google phone Nexus One which is making customers turning to Google for answers.

Apparently, there is a Nexus One problem with the phone either not switching to 3G or switching back and forth between 3G and EDGE too frequently.

And now, customers are feeling the slow service as Google is now only accepting email inquiries about the problem which promised a turn-around time of one to two days – far too long as most think.

Contacting T-Mobile or HTC is also not much help as customers with Nexus One problems are being passed from one company to another and customers are not happy with that.

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Category: Human Interest, Technology

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  1. Chris says:

    This screams of the similar AT&T and Apple issue where they blame each other for the faults but don’t publicly trash each other to save face. Carriers and manufacturers need to sort this out better from day one and clearly communicate the facts to end consumers. The prices and fees are way too high to justify the poor customer service and finger pointing.

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