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Nityananda Swami Video with Tamil Actress

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Sun News has just released an unbelievable video of Swami Nithyananda with Tamil actress Ragasudha which are now leading many to believe that he is a fraud.

This Nithyananda Swami video was released yesterday by Sun News live and is now affecting his reputation for being a spiritual person and the video from YouTube showing him in bed with an actress is a big proof.

As of the moment, there is still no official statement from Swami regarding this matter.

Moreover, while there is still no confirmation on Tamil actress Ragashuda, a few are saying that it is possible that she is not the one in the video and instead, it was Ranjita.

Watch the Nityananda Swami video news report below which shows some clips from the leaked video.

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  1. manikandan says:

    so many things happening today badly. this is one of them. if all of us truly good. remember he was shooted but many on all religion not exposed. think about christien priests history. every year 1000s of dollars expened for rape cases againsted fathers all around the world. so be good and dont hate anyone. live peacefully.

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