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MTV Music Evolution 2015

It was the inaugural edition of the MTV Music Evolution and it showcased both iconic and contemporary hip-hop acts from the international and local music scenes on a single stage.

On tap that night, apart from Naughty By Nature, were local hip-hop players Gloc-9 and Abra as well as and international acts YG and DJ Cash Money.

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CHED Approves Tuition Increase

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) announced that a total of 313 private Higher Education Institutions (pHEIs) have been approved for an increase of tuition and other school fees for School Year 2015-2016.

In an official statement, CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan said that of the 313 pHEIs, 16 percent or 283 pHEIs will implement tuition fee increase; while 12.60% or 212 pHEIs will increase other school fees. “Across all regions the average percent increase is 6.48%.”

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Music Industry is Changing Shape

It might just be the platonic ideal of music listening: hear any song of your choice instantaneously, whenever and wherever, without having to pay for individual tracks.

For the past five years, interactive streaming companies like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio made a version of the dream possible, with Spotify staging the greatest push towards cultural ubiquity—it has 60 million active users worldwide, 15 million of whom pay to subscribe.

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