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The Pinoy Tenor

Tenor Allan Palacios Chan has one yearning and that is to bring the traditional Filipino love song, the Kundiman, to the mainstream.

The Kundiman is a beautiful Filipino classical music with soft, soothing rhythm and is known as a song of love and courtship.

A family vacation in Manila introduced him to this musical genre. Little did he know he would be singing it before American audiences and that speaking about it like an expert.

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Lady Gaga Out With New Music

Lady Gaga released a public-service music video on Friday morning (BST) about university campus sexual assault, to accompany a song for campus rape documentary The Hunting Ground.

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Country Music Declines in Quality

First it was country music purists vs. Florida Georgia Line. Recently it was Luke Bryan vs. Outlaw Country. Or maybe it began with Outlaw fans dissing Bryan.

And then, of course, it’s been the supporters of female artists vs. the country radio programmers who rarely play songs by solo female artists.

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