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Music Industry is Changing Shape

It might just be the platonic ideal of music listening: hear any song of your choice instantaneously, whenever and wherever, without having to pay for individual tracks.

For the past five years, interactive streaming companies like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio made a version of the dream possible, with Spotify staging the greatest push towards cultural ubiquity—it has 60 million active users worldwide, 15 million of whom pay to subscribe.

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Morning Updates on Equities

The local equities rallied, closing at a new high, as domestic buyers supported the market on speculation of a better-than-expected GDP growth figure.

he PSEi gained 37.74 points or 0.50% to close at 7,586.67. Most indices ended in green led by the financials (1.15%) and services (0.83%) sectors.

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Music As An Effective Form of Therapy

An infant in the pediatric intensive care unit is soothed by lullabies sung in tempo with the rhythm of her breathing.

A toddler recovering from surgery marches to the beat of a drum in his room, encouraging him to walk, unknowingly promoting healing. A teen freestyles, expressing his battle with cancer as he transforms the unit into a recording studio.

Music therapy may appear simply as a thoughtful service used for entertainment in a clinical setting, but it’s actually an evidenced-based form of therapy.

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