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Philippine Election Day 2010: Photo Report

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Here now is an exclusive report from one of our field correspondents who will give us an inside look on the voting experience of Filipinos last May 10, 2010.

The photos presented here were taken from Moonwalk Elementary School in Las Pinas. A photo documentary and some general thoughts on what happened during election day.

Election day was hopeful and exciting for most Filipinos. Expecting a smooth and easy voting experience, thanks to the automated process. Many went early to their precincts.

Friends and neighbors casually chatted as they meet. Asking for directions where their precinct is or asking how the voting process went for them.

The PPCRV was there to help and assist voters find their precincts, organize the voting lines and remind the public of the proper way to vote.

Speaking of lines… it’s everywhere. The primary reason was because of the limited number of PCOS machines. Precincts were clustered into groups of five which shared one PCOS machine.

And so the voters braved the heat and the long lines. Many saying that they would rather suffer for a few hours in line than suffer for another six years under the wrong president.

To while away the time, some people went around to buy water and food or find friends and chat. Some voters expressed their support for their chosen candidates to our news crew.

But most, simply waited in line, specially the senior citizens.

Cameras were not allowed inside the polling precincts. But overall, no problems were encountered with the voting system, specially the PCOS machine. The only problem we had was keeping ourselves from laughing when we saw the classroom educational decor above.

In the end. Votes were cast. Everybody went home and hopes for a better country and brighter future begins.

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Category: Editorial, Philippines, Politics


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