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Plant and Grain Based Diet Can Lower Cholesterol

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A research study at the University of Toronto claims that bad cholesterol can be reduced by having a plant and grain based diet.

In the study, 351 Canadians who have high cholesterol were divided into three groups. Each group underwent different methods for lowering their cholesterol levels.

The first group ate a low saturated fat diet, the usual method which commonly is the reason why people buy electric grills. Meanwhile, the second and third groups ate different types of plant-based and whole grain diets.

After six months, it was found that those who had a low-saturated-fat diet (the first group) had successfully dropped their LDL cholesterol by 8 milligrams per deciliter.

But those in the second and third group had 24 mg/dL and 26 mg/dL decline in their cholesterol. However, the study did not try to study the effect if prescription medicine such as statins were taken by the individuals.

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