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Pokemon Black and White Starters For Nintendo DS Released

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Just right after the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Pokemon Company releases information on the newest edition of the popular franchise, Pokemon Black and White, which is scheduled for official release on Fall 2010 in Japan.

Pokemon Black and White leaks and free downloads are now on top of the gaming searches among Nintendo DS users, showing that this game will become popular once the English version for US and Europe is available.

Currently, the official Pokemon site has a mock-up logo of the game that can also be seen on other popular Japanese sites as well.

This Black and White edition reveals a new Pokemon, one that was designed and revealed by series designer Junichi Masuda himself.

Now online gaming communities are showing leaked screens of the latest game, which is said to resemble a top-down style the previous games exhibited but with brand new 3D environments and characters.

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5 Responses

  1. Carl Jensen says:

    This new Pokemon game looks cool. I wonder what region it will be in? I love Pokemon games. I didn’t like Ruby that much. But overall Pokemon games are pretty fun. We’ll see in this game what region will take place? I can’t wait to get it for the DS. From Carl Jensen

  2. tiger woods says:

    i love this game pokemon anime series i have always loved and surely buyu this game i am really awating for its trailer

  3. juliana says:

    this game will become popular once the English version for US and Europe.

  4. Ankitkat says:

    i cant wait to find out about the starters,also i wonder what the legendary for black and the legendary for white will be

  5. dan says:

    hope they come out with a legendary bug type pokemon. it would be a change.

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