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Price of Xbox Drops | Xbox Price Cut News

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Microsoft just announced that they will be doing price cuts for the Xbox 360 video-game console. This is in response to the release of the cheaper PS3 Slim by Sony.

This definitely sets the stage for a stiff console sales competition this coming holidays. But how much exactly is Microsoft cutting off the Xbox 360?


Well, Microsoft is dropping $100 off the price of its Xbox 360 Elite console and will now sell for $299.99 beginning Friday. Moreover, they are also cutting the price of its Xbox 360 Pro to $249.99 while supplies last and is still offering the Xbox 360 Arcade for $199.

Shane Kim from Microsoft says:

If you’re looking for deep experiences that don’t require deep pockets, now is the time to purchase an Xbox 360. We’ve got the best games, a vast library of TV shows and movies, new music experiences, more ways to connect friends and family, and so much more on the horizon, including Project Natal — no controller required.

But how much is the PS3 Slim? The Sony console will be available in September and is expected to sell at $299.

So if you had the choice? Which would you choose to buy? An Xbox or a PS3?

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