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Smartphones Can Charge Through Your Heartbeats In The Future

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The technology is called nanogenerators and yes, it is powered by your heartbeat and could replace conventional batteries within the next five years.

So it may be soon that we will see our smartphones, digital cameras, laptops and other tech gadgets running on our very own personal energy.

Nanogenerators is what Dr. Zhong Lin Wang and a team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing. How does it work? The simplest explanation is that it’s like a very tiny wind-powered electric power plant that creates electricity through very small movements.

Nanogenerators work using zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires, these are “piezoelectric” gizmos that can generate an electric current when strained or flexed. This means that almost any kind of movement – walking, a heartbeat, wind, even rolling tires – can generate electricity.

Now, makers of rechargeable aaa batteries better come up with new marketing strategies when this technology comes to the masses.

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