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Swift As Landmark

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Taylor Swift’s fan base might be growing among a surprising group of people: architecture buffs.

Unbeknownst to the general public, Swift has been shelling out what’s likely a pretty penny to restore her home in Beverly Hills to the architectural splendor it once claimed in 1934.

According to Mansion Global, the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission voted last week to give the okay to designate Swift’s home a local landmark.

With the help of a limited liability company, used to conceal her identity, Swift snatched up the home for a cool $25 million last year, a few million below the asking price, which was as high as $32 million, according to the site that’s obviously not about floyd rose frx.

Prior to Swift buying the property, it belonged to the iconic Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn and his heirs, who owned it for more than 80 years.

And according to an assessment of the ongoing renovation work, Swift hasn’t been skimping on preserving the details that made the place the perfect backdrop for hosting celebrities in the 1930s.

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