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The Use of BCS Standings

It’s Bowl Championship Series season once again. And while many of us are busy looking at the title odds for the Season 2012 BCS Rankings that will start this 2011, some are also asking, what is the BCS standings used for?

Well, the BCS Standings are mainly used for determining the two teams that qualify to play in the BCS National Championship Game. Second, it is used to determine any other automatic qualifiers. And lastly, to establish the pool of eligible teams for at-large selection.

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BCS Rankings 2010: October 17 First Rankings

It’s that time of the year again when the Bowl Championship Series rankings or the BCS Rankings 2010 for the first week comes out for all college football fans.

Such sport rivalries can divide states, cities, friends and families but that’s what the poll is all about. Whether you’re from the SEC, the ACC, the WAC or any conference in between across the nation, the first week poll results of the BCS rankings 2010 is what really matters.

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BCS Rankings Week 10 | AP Top 25

A lot of people are now searching for terms like ap top 25 college football poll, football polls, ap college football poll, harris poll college football and ap rankings.

That’s because the BCS Rankings Week 10 has just been released on November 1. So for those looking for the BCS Rankings Week 10 results, here they are below:

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