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The World Celebrates OneWebDay

September 22 is OneWebDay – a day when users of the World Wide Web are encouraged to show how the Internet affects their lives.

The purpose of the event is to globally celebrate online life. The goal of celebrating OneWebDay each year is to create and make visible a global constituency that cares about the future of the Internet.

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Top News For July 2009

As August 2009 begins, we now take a look at the most interesting and most unforgettable news stories of the past month.

Regular readers of Artuji are often most interested in sports and entertainment news that’s why we try to write about them most of the time.

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SNUD2NMI Text Message

Pop culture has it’s up side and down side. In text messaging, one of the advantages is the convenience it brings to all of us when we need to send a message to someone at a cheap price.

But receiving a SNUD2NMI text message is kind of annoying for me because I don’t really appreciate text language. And just in case you’re wondering what SNUD2NMI means, it is a Tagalog-English text speak for “San na you? Dito na me.”

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