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Gum Wrapper Prom Dress Pride of Iowa Teen

Would you believe the news that a teenage girl from Iowa made a prom dress out of gum wrappers? You should because this news is true.

A high school junior, Elizabeth Rasmuson, thought that a gum wrapper prom dress will be cheaper to make than to actually buy a dress. And so she did.

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Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap Rises In Search Trends

The pop culture of talking shirts has been mainstream for quite some time now. And another evidence of its popularity is the recent rise for searches of the phrase, “Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap”.

This is perhaps one of the most memorable talking t-shirt designs out there of this generation. And is really a witty line to boost the self-confidence of those who wears them.

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Kate Gosselin New Hair Debuts In The View

Guess who just had a hair makeover? Yes, it’s Kate Gosselin. Look below for the picture of Kate Gosselin new hair, which is now wavy.

Kate Gosselin did a second guest hosting job today on The View. And she showed up with a new hairstyle which we think looks better on her. What do you think?

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