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Dreidel Song Lyrics | How To Play Dreidel Game

It’s the start of Hanukkah for the whole world, which means it’s time to play the dreidel game once again. But if you’ve already forgotten how to play dreidel or worse, you don’t know what a dreidel is, then we’re here to remind you.

Below is a video tutorial that will teach you how to play the dreidel game. And below, is one of the English versions of the Dreidel song. Enjoy playing!

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Easy and Simple Sufganyot Recipe

Another traditional food for Hanukkah is Sufganyot, but many find it hard to do. But we’re now giving you a quick and easy Sufganyot recipe today with all the homemade recipe goodness.

This special Sufganyot recipe is fast and easy. Something you can do for Hanukkah, courtesy of Israelicious – Israeli cooking show with Phillis Glazer.

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Easy Potato Latkes Recipe For Hanukkah

At the centerpiece of a traditional Hanukkah dinner is the potato latkes. And because Hanukkah is closely associated with the miracle of oil, cooking meals and foods fried in oil has become a tradition.

Latkes (or Livivot) are potato pancakes that are prepared by frying them in oil. And if you’re looking for a simple and easy to follow Latkes recipe. Then we have a video tutorial below.

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