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Music As An Effective Form of Therapy

An infant in the pediatric intensive care unit is soothed by lullabies sung in tempo with the rhythm of her breathing.

A toddler recovering from surgery marches to the beat of a drum in his room, encouraging him to walk, unknowingly promoting healing. A teen freestyles, expressing his battle with cancer as he transforms the unit into a recording studio.

Music therapy may appear simply as a thoughtful service used for entertainment in a clinical setting, but it’s actually an evidenced-based form of therapy.

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A Couple of Drinks, Okay For Pregnant Women

A recent study has found that pregnant women can safely have at most a couple of drinks in a week without affecting the health of their newborn.

According to the article published in Journal of Epidemiological and Community Health, it was found that children born to light drinkers showed no deficits in their socio-emotional and cognitive abilities.

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E Coli Symptoms Cause For Romaine Lettuce Recall 2010

Think twice before you eat that salad as there is now a romaine lettuce recall 2010. This recall applies to all Romaine Lettuce coming from Freshway Foods which are sold under the Freshway and Imperial Sysco brands throughout 23 US states.

Primarily affected are romaine lettuce with expiry date on or before May 12. The reason for this is because FDA found E. coli bacteria in an unopened bag of shredded romaine lettuce.

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