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Perseid Meteor Shower Returns This Week

Astronomy enthusiasts eagerly awaits the return of the Perseid Meteor shower which will be happening towards the second week of August, with its peak on the night of August 12.

Many experts predict that there will be at the most 60 meteors that will be visible per hour at the northeast part of the sky.

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Leonids Meteor Shower 2009

Are you ready to watch the Leonids meteor shower 2009? The peak will be on November 17 and depending on where you are, you will be able to see from 30 to 300 shooting stars per hour.

The peak time will be 4:45 PM ET which means that the Leonids meteor shower 2009 will be invisible for those in North America and Europe. But watch around 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM ET and you’ll see around 40 meteors per hour.

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Orionid Meteor Shower Coming Wednesday

The Orionid meteor shower is expected to peak Wednesday morning, October 21. Orionids is caused by debris coming from the famous Halley’s Comet.

This is the most spectacular meteor shower there will be until Halley’s Comet makes its next appearance in 2062.

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